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Bob Orchard

About Me

I describe myself as a semi-stack developer with a design background. When I got my start in the software space I was designing and building customer MySpace pages. This was the impetus for my interest in designing web-based experiences which I did for a number of years. My jump over the fence into the development side of the house was prompted by the need to understand why what was built didn't match the experience I designed. I call myself a semi-stack developer becuase I'm always learning a bit more about the entire development ecosystem.

Since then, advances in web technologies have fueled my desire to learn a little bit about everything I can get my hands on. Those of us who could design and develop websites and software were dubbed 'unicorns', but I preferred to consider myself a UX Designer for a number of years.

Here's a little bit of my history:

  • Director, Product Management - Optimizely (May 2022 - Present)

  • Principal Product Manager - Conductor (Nov 2020 - May 2022)

  • Senior Product Manager - Gatsby (Jan 2020 - Oct 2020)

  • Product Manager - Flywheel (May 2018 - Nov 2019)

  • Co-Founder - Campground Booking (Oct 2016 - Mar 2019)

  • Senior Product Designer - Chargify (Aug 2015 - Mar 2018)

  • Founder/Creative Director - Tinypint (Jul 2011 - Jul 2015)

When I'm not working in the digital world, I enjoy traveling and doing a bit of woodworking/leatherworking. I've found that these hobbies help me truly disconnect and engage my mind in different and new ways.

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